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Pike Place Market Engagement Session

Pike Place Market engagement session in Seattle, Washington by Luma Weddings

One of the most popular attractions (as we all know) is Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.  That said, it’s definitely not one of my favorite locations to photograph. I’ll tell you why I am not a personal fan of the cliche Pike Place Market engagement session.  (as well as reasons why you SHOULD shoot at Pike Place Market).

This Pike Place Market engagement session I photographed is one of the reasons why you should shoot here.


1. Homeless.  It doesn’t make for a super romantic time capturing your engagement photos when you have some homeless individuals trying to ask you for some money.
2. Tourists. If you aren’t 100% comfortable/natural in front of the camera, having hundreds of strangers eyes on you might make you feel a bit more uncomfortable. Thankfully, Ashley and Ryan are super laid back and they didn’t let it get to them.
3. Lighting. With red brick walls, green paint, neon lights, and car headlights, they all create color casts on skin tones.
4. Distracting background elements. Random people walking right behind you, cars driving through the street, janitors taking out the trash, and just the general public walking around this heavily toured area.
5. Parking & traffic.  Who wants to be stressed out finding parking and running late to your engagement session because of traffic? Pick a location that you will feel at ease, at peace, and 100% focused on your significant other.
6. Lack of uniqueness. Countless people have shot here over the years. Personally, I love capturing unique angles at unique locations. Trying to capture something different here is a challenge since there are thousands of other sessions here… but I do love a challenge. (Challenge accepted).



1. Sentimental value of the location.

I’ve photographed a few sessions here, and they are turn out beautifully – but the only time I actually recommend this location for an engagement session is if it has a sentimental significance to you as a couple.  Maybe your first date was here, or maybe it’s where he proposed.  If that’s the case, I totally get it, and let’s absolutely shoot there.  The above reasons why I am not personally stoked on the location is moot if you have a sentimental attachment to this (or any other) location similar to it.  Love rules all.

Check out the below gallery from an engagement session I photographed with Ashley + Ryan.  Awesome couples make it easy to create awesome images.

Pike Place Market engagement session in Seattle, Washington by Luma Weddings

Pike Place Market engagement session in Seattle, Washington by Luma Weddings

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