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Fremont Foundry Wedding Venue in Seattle, Washington

Fremont Foundry wedding by Luma Weddings

Couple’s sometimes ask if I have photographed a particular venue before to ensure that I am familiar with the layout and the particular (possible) challenges of a given space.  Marissa & Anthony asked me that very same question for their wedding at Fremont Foundry located in Seattle, Washington.  I’d like to write a bit about my experiences with both this kind of question, and with the Fremont Foundry wedding venue.

First, let’s talk about the question and possible concern from brides/grooms that a photographer hasn’t photographed a particular venue before (Fremont Foundry or otherwise).

As far as photography goes, most wedding venues are pretty similar when looking at the raw basics. They have cream colored walls, windows, and wedding decor.  The only time where lighting challenges can potentially come into play is when there are red brick walls (red/green color casts), lots of mirrors (flash reflections), or super dark venue spaces that do not allow flash photography.  Fremont Foundry has none of these potential concerns.

Fremont Foundry is primarily covered in raw concrete. So, a grey-ish tone. Perfect for photography.  It has only a few windows, but none in the main area.  No problem since flash photography is allowed.  It has a rooftop area for ceremonies, which is awesome for natural light.

In short, it was a lot like every other wedding venue based on the basics. It has walls, a floor, wedding decor, and no issues that could potentially be created by red/green colored walls, and it allows flash photography. Golden. If you are wanting a lot of natural light for your reception, this might not be the ideal venue for you, but if you don’t really care about a lot of natural light and you are wanting that industrial vibe, you will fall in love.

Marissa & Anthony’s wedding got started in downtown Seattle, getting ready at a luxury hotel.  We hopped into a party bus to capture some portraits near the Seattle waterfront, and everything went seamlessly. It was incredibly hot on their wedding day, but with a little water and some good, old-fashioned air conditioning, everyone kept cool and refreshed.

As the wedding guests came to the wedding venue, the bar opened and the festivities began.  It was hard to miss the Seahawks cornerback mingling amongst the crowd (congrats on your recent marriage too, D+J!).

Probably my all-time favorite moment from my 2016 weddings was the fathers’ surprise dance routine at the end of the night. AMAZING!!!

Congratulations again, Marissa & Anthony. I loved being your wedding photographer! You guys are awesome.

Check out the below images for their Fremont Foundry wedding.

Fremont Foundry wedding by Luma Weddings

Fremont Foundry wedding with large wedding party by Luma Weddings

Fremont Foundry wedding by Luma Weddings

Fremont Foundry wedding surprise dance routine by Luma Weddings

Fremont Foundry wedding venue photos in Seattle, WA

VENUE: Fremont Foundry (HERE)
PLANNER: Alyssa Hoffman (HERE)
PHOTOGRAPHER:  Kyle Goldie of Luma Weddings
Assistant: Haley Goldie of Luma & Lavender (Seattle day of wedding coordinator)

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