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Georgetown Ballroom Wedding Venue in Seattle | Ashley & Ryan

Georgetown Ballroom brick wedding venue in Seattle, Washington by Luma Weddings

The Georgetown Ballroom wedding venue is one of the most unique wedding venues in Seattle.  It’s got brick walls, multiple rooms for getting ready, and lots of character & charm.  It’s a pretty eclectic place, and one that can create some issues for photography if you don’t know how to handle your lighting correctly.  (Darn those pesky red brick walls).  Just make sure you hire the right photographer who has experience with photographing venues like Georgetown Ballroom – because yes… it does have some unique requirements and its own difficulties.  Remember, there is a big difference between having shot in a brick venue and knowing how to shoot properly in a brick venue.

Booking a photographer who has experience in dark venues is a must if you booked the Georgetown Ballroom.

Thankfully, I’ve photographed in many wedding venues with red brick walls and know just how to handle the venue… all while bringing out its natural beauty.  Check out the below Georgetown Ballroom wedding photo gallery for a glimpse through Ashley & Ryan’s wedding day.

One thing that I particularly loved about their wedding day was the most simple: their attitudes. So down-to-earth, laid back, grateful, trusting, and a lot of fun.  This alone makes any wedding day amazing.  Personally, I really enjoyed being their wedding photographer, and this was a big reason why. (Thank you, Ash & Ryan!)

If you haven’t visited this wedding venue yet, and you are debating on booking it, here’s my personal take:

  • Georgetown Ballroom is very dark. It makes it a lot cozier, but it will also force your photographer to use a lot more flash photography. So, if that’s the style you’re wanting – you’re golden and you should book this venue immediately. If you are the type of person who wants those soft, airy, natural light photograph vibe… look elsewhere. I can even lend recommendations if you are looking for something else with a different kind of vibe.
  • Parking is a bit difficult, so keep that in mind, too.
  • The venue has a lot of old-school character and charm.  It’s not a super modern venue, but if you love that old-school vibe, this is the venue for you.
  • Even though Georgetown Ballroom is close to the airport fly-path, it’s relatively quiet due to the construction type. No worries here!
  • The back section of the venue is a cute little courtyard.  It’s got a grungy alleyway kind of vibe to it with chain link fences, metal siding. It’s even got those cute little tea-lights adding a bit more of that charm you’ll find inside.
  • If you’ve got any more questions about this interesting little venue in Georgetown, contact me!  I will always be 100% honest with you, because I want you to have the best wedding photos possible.

For the Georgetown Ballroom wedding venue photos, just keep on scrolling…

Georgetown Ballroom wedding photos

Georgetown Ballroom brick wedding venue in Seattle, Washington by Luma Weddings

Georgetown Ballroom wedding venue photos

Georgetown Ballroom brick wedding venue in Seattle, Washington by Luma Weddings


BRIDE & GROOM: Ashley + Ryan
VENUE: Georgetown Ballroom (HERE)
PHOTOGRAPHER: Kyle Goldie of Luma Weddings
ASSISTANT: Haley Goldie of

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