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Westland Distillery Wedding in Seattle, WA by Luma Weddings

KATY + ALEX | Westland Distillery Wedding

The Westland Distillery wedding venue in Seattle, Washington has the urban feel mixed with the rustic element of a country distillery or winery.  The modern architecture design paired with the wooden barrels lining the event space is beautiful, but certainly caters to a specific audience. Maybe that’s you!  The light from above provides enough natural light to photograph until the sun is setting and the design is minimalistic. It creates for a great photograph. I would personally consider this one of the best SODO wedding venues, but only for intimate sized weddings. In short, it’s an awesome venue.

This wedding got started in a nearby apartment and an emotional first-look in the courtyard below.  A vintage Rolls Royce swooped them off and took them to their portrait location. The rest of the details would be better told directly from the bride herself, so read below to hear her sweet love story:

Their story

“How we met

My husband and I met at a language exchange in South Korea after I had recently moved there. We instantly caught each others’ eyes and spent hours chatting over coffee and laughing over my fumbled attempts at Korean. Over the next two years, we moved to the megalopolis of Seoul and traveled Asia together. From eating live octopus in Korea, to hiking a volcano in Bali, and traversing the hectic streets of Tokyo, our relationship has always been an adventure!

The proposal

Knowing what a coffee lover I am, my husband asked me to met him at a coffee shop across from my office before class began. As we were talking and drinking our lattes, something caught my eye. Beneath the rim of my cup, I spotted the words, “will you.” As I paused to look up at him, I caught the smile in his eyes and suddenly noticing how nicely he was dressed, realized he was proposing! In my excitement, I guzzled down my latte, finding at the very bottom of the mug, “marry me?” By that point, he had moved next to me and pulled out a ring and bouquet of flowers, ready to pop the question. I excitedly screamed, “yes!”

The wedding day

Our wedding day was incredible. We had friends who traveled from all across America, Europe, and Asia to be at our wedding which meant so much to us. Our intimate affair in the depths of the whiskey cellar was the perfect romantic setting to spend an evening celebrating our marriage with close friends and family. My favorite part of the wedding was my husband’s sweet vows, there was not a dry eye in the building! “

Consider me, Kyle Goldie at Luma Weddings, to be your photographer for your Westland Distillery wedding in SODO, Seattle, WA.  Let me know if you have any questions about the space more than what I wrote here!

The Highlights

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