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Destination Wedding Photographer: Expert Tips & Advice

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Consider hiring a destination wedding photographer for your big day to allow you to capture every magical moment in a unique, breathtaking location. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and there’s no doubt that the right destination wedding photographer can help craft the enchanting visual narrative of your love story. We’ll reveal why a photographer specializing in location-focused weddings can elevate your occasion to a level that’s more than just a ceremony, it becomes art.

Emphasize your adventurous spirit as a couple, embarking on perhaps the best adventure yet–unity in a marriage. A destination wedding photographer doesn’t just capture pictures, they seize emotions, moments, and reflections that a traditional wedding photojournalist might not. Much like a pirate seeking the thrill of buried treasure, these specialists journey to the ends of the earth camping in the wilderness, hiking up mountains, or diving into deep oceans to seal your daring love’s adventure in time.

In a way that is both humorous and luxurious, think of a destination wedding photographer as your own personal James Bond, but instead of international espionage, they’re partaking in worldwide romance. Posing amidst monuments under foreign moonlight, chasing sunsets on an exotic beach, or standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking vast oceans, the unique blend of love and luxury is spellbinding. With every click, they capture the grandeur of the destination, the bliss in your smiles, and the radiance of your love, turning your wedding into an extravagant festival of emotions. And don’t they say laughter is the best cure for pre-wedding jitters? Let our expert photographers replace your nerves with silent giggles and roaring laughter, making your special day as glorious as you imagined.



Key Takeaways

  • Hiring a destination wedding photographer can truly enhance your wedding album, capturing not just your ceremony, but the essence and charm of the unique place you’ve chosen for your big day.
  • A destination wedding photographer has a unique set of skills that include adapting to different environments, shooting in changing weather conditions, and finding the most picturesque locales for your unforgettable wedding shots.
  • Be proactive in your choice of destination wedding photographer, look at their portfolios, talk to them about your vision, and ensure they’ve previously worked in destination wedding scenarios, for they have the expertise in capturing those stunning destination-specific moments.
  • When booking your destination wedding photographer, don’t overlook their logistics. They may need travel and lodging assistance, and getting this sorted in advance can ensure a smoother experience leading up to your wedding.
  • Your destination wedding photographer is more than just a service provider; they’re someone who’ll be part of your special day. Establishing a comfortable rapport and clear communication with them can turn those captured moments into timeless, magical memories.


So, you’re looking to hire the best destination wedding photographer! Look no further.

Hello!!  So, you’re thinking about having a destination wedding! I think that is awesome, fantastic, rad, and EXCITING!   Being married myself, I wish I would have done a destination wedding! After 10 years of being a full-time photographer, I’ve come to one conclusion:  the only thing that is more awesome than being a photographer for a living is being a photographer who travels to weddings for work!  Absolutely love being a destination wedding photographer. Personally, I’ve traveled to over 20 countries and have had experience with the cultures, customs, and regulations in each of those countries (especially since I always have my camera equipment with me).


The Role of a Destination Wedding Photographer

Hiring a professional destination wedding photographer essentially allows you to capture the essence of your special day in a different, possibly exotic location other than where you live. This can be a magical experience, one that requires special skills and specific know-how. Equipped with the right expertise, a destination wedding photographer is a pillar of the whole wedding planning process, working hard to ensure every unique moment is captured beautifully.

In essence, what separates a destination wedding photographer from an ordinary photographer are specialties in logistics, travel photographing, and the uncanny capability of capturing the soul of a destination within your wedding photos. With a vast understanding of different natural and man-made landscapes, this photographer stands out in their proficiency.


Understanding the Importance of a Destination Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is a kaleidoscope of feelings – love, joy, excitement, and a hint of nervous anticipation. A destination wedding photographer etches these feelings in print with a unique set of skills adaptive to different locations. They are the professionals who curate a picturesque series of photographs, tailored for you, reflecting the atmosphere and mood of your selected wedding destination.

A location can significantly influence the outcome of your wedding photos. An experienced destination wedding photographer will know how to adapt and highlight the key features of your chosen setting. This sensitivity and adaptability undoubtedly set them apart and make a significant difference in your wedding album.


The Dynamic Skill Set of a Destination Wedding Photographer

Every wedding venue, regardless of its location, has unique features that can make your wedding photos extra special. A destination wedding photographer learns to use these features to your advantage. Adapting to different light, utilizing shadows correctly, making the most of the unique colors and textures a particular location has to offer; these are all things a seasoned photographer masters.

Not only that, destination photographers have to know how to deal with bad weather, extreme temperatures, cultural celebrations, and they need to know how to travel professionally to ensure the most amount of energy and focus possible for your special day.

All of these things need to find that perfect blend with proper planning & the ability to wing things on the fly (due to the nature of weddings).

It’s hard to put to to words, but the skillset of a true professional destination wedding photographer goes well beyond simply capturing beautiful photos at beautiful locations. That’s the easiest part, to be quite frank.

Creativity is a paramount trait of a destination wedding photographer. In a new and unfamiliar location, how your photographer uses the surroundings is pivotal to the outcome of the photos. With your respect, trust, and a mutual understanding, your destination wedding photographer becomes a part of your day, perfectly choreographing your sweet moments in the backdrop of an awe-inspiring location.

In conclusion, a destination wedding photographer caters to an altogether different experience. A blend of professional skills and a creative outlook helps your big day be etched flawlessly in photographs. From logistics to managing unforeseen situations to becoming an integral part of your whole wedding experience, the role of a destination wedding photographer cannot be summed up solely as a person who takes your wedding photos. They do much more; they essentially capture your journey in a location special to you, making your wedding day the experience of a lifetime.




FAQ’s + How It Works Working With A Destination Wedding Photographer


Destination weddings are really anything outside of your immediate area. Let’s say you are based in Seattle – a destination wedding could be as close as Vancouver or as far away as Tokyo, Cape Town, Santorini, Sydney, Ibiza, or Paris. Whichever the location, I want to be your destination wedding photographer. I travel light, I am fully prepared and reliable, and I know how to effectively photograph a destination wedding regardless of the location.  They are all amazing. They are all unique. They all require specialized prep and planning.



Great question!  In some locations, you might be able to find a fantastic photographer. Other locations, it’s a lot more difficult – especially when potentially having to deal with language barriers, different customs and traditions, levels of customer service, and most importantly – level of quality.  When many people choose to do a destination wedding, they are normally tempted by hiring an in-house resort photographer at the hotel they are staying at (and getting married at).  I can’t stress this enough – compare the work and consistency of the resort photographer to that of a destination wedding photographer (such as myself).  Compare the style of photography. Compare the quality of the editing. Compare the level of customer service and personal attention. Compare the turnaround time to receive your photographs.  Compare the sheer number of delivered photographs in high-resolution.  Compare the level of trust you have in your photography choices. Compare everything.  At the end of it all, you will be happy that you chose us (my wife and I) at Luma Weddings.



Yes, there are travel fees associated with destination weddings, but they aren’t outrageous.  Just get in touch with us with what your destination wedding location is, your wedding date, and a few basic details and we can let you know what we can do for you.  We are very flexible and easy to work with.



Absolutely! For all destination weddings, we arrive 24-48 hours in advance of the wedding day specifically to scout locations, plan for the wedding day, and to rest up to ensure we are at 100% so your wedding day runs smoothly and efficiently — all while getting you the most gorgeous destination wedding photographs you’ve ever seen. Yes, we are that confident in what we do. If you are wanting off-site location(s) to make the most of your destination wedding, giving us as a photography team the most time possible prior to your wedding day is there to benefit you and the results you get from your destination wedding photography.



We love elopements. We love small, intimate weddings. We are flexible to what you are searching for.  Want a destination wedding in Iceland on a cliff? Want to get married on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland? Yes, please. Having a cruise wedding and want to have portraits taken every day in every port of call? I’m up for it (btw, check out this blog post on cruise weddings). Email me today and get the discussion started.  I am confident we can make something work.



USA (duh), Canada (where I was born and raised), Mexico, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, St Maarten, Barbados, Bermuda, Scotland (my heritage), England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, China, Japan. I’ve brought my camera equipment to every one of these countries and have never had any issues since I know how to properly handle customs regulations & their respective questions. It also helps that I have TSA pre-check, Nexus, and Global Entry.


IS IT JUST YOU OR DO YOU WORK WITH A wedding photography TEAM?

I can work with any size of team that is most fitting to your wedding day. I have second photographers that I regularly work with (when needed), but I photograph 99.99999% of weddings by myself (with the help of my awesome wife, Haley).  The reason I do this is to 1) keep down the budget of the couples I work with and 2) it eliminates the possibility of having a photographer in the background (or side) of your finished product.

Here’s a destination wedding I photographed by myself (with the help of my lovely wife, Haley, working as my assistant).  This destination resort wedding was at the beautiful Dreams Resort in Tulum, Mexico.

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